Style and Durability with Cherry Floors

One of the most popular hardwood styles today is cherry flooring. While there are many different types within the cherry variety, the most common are American, Asian, Bolivian and Brazilian cherry, and many homeowners opt for one or a combination of these materials due to their striking color, easy maintenance and varying hardness.

Cherry wood’s colors range from a pale yellow to a dark crimson, and can be worked into almost any floor space imaginable. When you call Northside Floors to help choose and install the right cherry flooring for your home or business, you’ll receive the benefit of:

  • An excellent smooth finish and texture Lam-Wood-Festivalle-Sunset-American-Cherry
  • A comparable feel to more expensive or rare wood types
  • Ready available unfinished or finished materials
  • Increased resale value of home or office
  • A low-maintenance and easy to clean material

Tips for Choosing Cherry Floors:

When deciding whether or not cherry is the right hardwood type for your next flooring project, it’s important to know what type of maintenance and role you’ll need to expect in order to keep it looking smooth and silky throughout any condition.

  • American cherry is the softest variety, while Brazilian and Bolivian are typically the hardest. If you are expecting extra wear and tear or heavy foot traffic, the latter is your best bet.
  • Cherry is ideal for areas with low moisture and little exposure to prolonged sunlight. This will prevent warping and fading.
  • Always take care when sanding and finishing cherry wood, to minimize allergic reaction and warping. It’s best to use a water-based finish.

Why Choose Northside Floors?

  • Your project will be handled professionally, expertly and with integrity.
  • Artisan Quality workmanship
  • All of our team members are background checked and certified safe.
  • Northside has a Quality Control Inspector, who follows-up on every job
  • One-year warranty on all hardwood flooring materials
  • Our contractors operate under the strictest guidelines in regards to safety and care of your home.

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