Floor Care for Your Atlanta Area Home

One of the most important responsibilities of having a new floor is the floor care. Protecting your investment by protecting your new flooring. Northside Floors has been providing expert hardwood floor care to the metro Atlanta area for many years and for all your flooring types, including hardwood floors, laminate floors, engineered floors, and stone and tile floors.  We offer a wide range of services, tips, suggestions and solutions to ensure your floors are well kept and achieve a maximum quality life.

Tile-Daltil-Egyptian-Stone-Wall-Luxor-RedStone & Tile Floor Care

Caring for tile floors can be tricky, especially to the untrained eye. Not only are there different solvents for different types and grades of tile, but the chemicals used can be very dangerous. The Northside Floors experts have had many years of experience working with every grade of cleaning and tile care solution and will ensure that your home is safe and enjoyable for years to come.
With stone floors, Northside can provide the precise cleaning solutions to ensure that your floor is cleaned without sacrificing grout, sealing, or surrounding natural features.

Hardwood Floor Care


Hardwood floor care is a very important task. Hardwood floors have been present in home for centuries, and caring for them has become a very precise art. Northside Floors brings the unique combination of time tested methods and the latest technology to ensure that your floors are cleaned, buffed, waxed and shining like new — without causing any damage to the wood itself.

Regardless of your floor type, Northside Floors has years of knowledge and experience in taking great care of your flooring. After every job, we’ll even provide you with expert flooring care tips and a Bona® floor care kit.  This means that you’ll be able to keep your floors looking great long after we’re gone.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

It goes without saying that vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is very important. Cleaning your carpet is important too and does more than you may realize.  You are able to target the dirt and soils that your carpet receives on a daily basis from simply tracking in dirt and debris from the outside.  Over time if not cleaned properly, it will leave your carpet not vibrant as it once was by tracking in debris that can dull your carpets colors.  If this is allowed to remain for too long, your vibrant colors will be dulled to a point of no return.

Laminate Flooring Care
Laminate flooring is a wonderful alternative to hardwood flooring. It can provide you years of beauty and enjoyment with just a little know-how.

Regularly using a dust mop, a soft broom or even a vacuum but do not use a beater-bar or even if you can turn off the beater-bar. Only use the suction with a soft bristle extension on the end.  Use protective window coverings when possible which will help the sun’s UV rays from fading.  If you want to take it to another level, you can change your furniture from time to time so that the wear on your flooring wears more evenly.

If you spill something like water, paint, oil or markers remove them quickly with an acetone fingernail polish remover. Like on carpet, you can use ice to harden things like candle wax or gum.  Gently scrape with a plastic scraper but go slow and be careful not to scratch your flooring.

If part of your flooring is too damaged and beyond your DIY repair, give us a call. Let’s see what we can do for you with our Floor Care Service.

Why Choose Northside Floors?

  • Your project will be handled professionally, expertly and with integrity.
  • Artisan Quality workmanship
  • All of our team members are background checked and certified safe.
  • Northside has a Quality Control Inspector, who follows-up on every job
  • One-year warranty on all hardwood flooring materials
  • Our contractors operate under the strictest guidelines in regards to safety and care of your home.

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