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Frieze Carpet Installations Atlanta – Northside Floors – Leader in flooring installations

Frieze Carpet

frieze carpetsFrieze is also known as twist or tightly twisted carpet. It’s a type of cut pile carpet where the carpet fibers are twisted and initially woven in a loop, so it is cut to create a pile like effect. Style varies mainly on the density, size and the type of the twist of the carpet fiber. It is a toned-down variation of the traditional shag carpeting.

Characteristics of Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet is a type of cut pile carpet with lightly twisted fibers that is also shorter than shag carpet but much taller than traditional carpets. The way it’s woven makes it look unique and bouncy with good comfort and durability.

The comfort it brings to bare feet is the main reason why Frieze carpet is often being purchased. Its informal look also hides dirt, footprints, and other stains.  Frieze is much more difficult to matt than other types of carpets; in fact, most types of frieze carpeting will not permanently mat unless they hold heavy furniture for a long period of time.

Style of Frieze Carpets – An Aesthetic Finish

The chief selling point of frieze carpet is its unique appearance. The cut and twisted fibers are pliable in maintaining their shape. Most often, any contaminants fall directly to the base of the carpet. The result is a carpet that always looks like new and that can be cleaned easily and efficiently by a simple vacuuming. Its beautiful look means that frieze is the new carpeting of choice for the trendiest designers in the recent years.


One of the most valuable characteristics of frieze carpet is the comfort it offers. The insulating feature of frieze carpet is a prevailing feature because of its high-quality construction leads to a very dense carpet that can have numerous strands every square inch. The weave acts as an insulator against cold temperature and provides a superior feel when one walks across it barefoot. It also mutes the noise coming from the wooden subfloors.

Durability at its Best

frieze carpet comfortThe Frieze carpet is characterized by tight twist in each individual fiber. These twists allow the carpet to bounce back after walking, being cleaned or vacuumed or sometimes scarred from its original shape. This fact means that this type of carpet is more resistant not only to stains and dirt, but also to permanent deformity.

Easy to maintain

As much as we wanted to keep our house clean especially the hardwood floors, it is kind of inevitable and uncontrollable. This is what makes frieze carpet different from any other carpet because it simply hides dirt like no other flooring. It is credited to it’s curly nature and thick weave of fiber and its freckled color that dirt does not show as much as most other carpets.

frieze carpet flooringPros and Cons

Pros of Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet has several carpet features that differs from others. It is a perfect carpet choice for high traffic areas because it’s durable and further conceals dirt and stains because of its speckled style. Aside from its design and style which is soft and cozy to walk on and gives you a beautiful esthetic appearance is its plush material which is desirable during winter months which adds comfort and has heat saving qualities. Also, it has a noise reducing effect because of its thick material and ideal for deformed floors and hallways as it appears inviting. All these cons make the frieze carpet one of the best choices for home improvement too.

Cons of Frieze Carpet

One of the obvious cons are the higher carpet prices compared to non-textured carpets on the market. One option for lower frieze carpet prices is a carpet made from polyethylene terephthalate fibers which makes the carpet costs less expensive. This type of frieze carpets is less durable and possibly has shorter life span. Because of its material, it is likely less effective in concealing dirt and foot traffic and require more cleaning and extra care compared to nylon and wool counterpart.

Tips for Frieze Carpet Cleaning:

Cleaning frieze carpet are the easiest to clean since it is a cut pile carpet that does not have loops that trap dirt and debris. Even though this type of carpet is easy to clean and hides dirt well, it should be cleaned at least once a year and it should be done by a professional to remove deep down dirt that accumulated over time.

Manual cleaning is advisable using vacuum cleaner provided it uses a beater bar. Adjust your vacuum cleaner to the highest setting since frieze carpet has a high pile to avoid chewing up the fibers and drastically reduce the life of the carpet.

Lastly, using a carpet rake is the best tool in cleaning frieze carpet because these rakes are made for carpets with tall piles that it’s not only to help frieze carpet from becoming matted but it also helps loosen up dirt.

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