There are two types of wood flooring scratches. The shallow and deep scratches. Let’s focus first on the easier to fix- Shallow Scratches.

Using Wood Marker – Conceal the shallow scratch using a common wood marker.

Clean the scratched area. Use a soft rag preferably a soft dry microfiber cloth to clean the damaged area. Gently wipe the area to remove excess dirt, debris and moisture all over the area and specially on the scratched spot itself.
Test the marker if it matches with the color of the wood or the finish. Use it if the color matches well with your floor.
Stain the scratched area. Do it several times until the color matches perfectly.
Rub the stained area with soft rag dampened with mineral spirits to remove residue of marker.

Keep dry the area then mop the whole floor with a soft cloth.

Fixing the scratch by sanding

First, clean the area with dry soft cloth. Applying a small amount of hard wood cleaner will remove stubborn dirt and debris. Rinse the scratched area then let it dry completely. After that sand the area thoroughly. Apply wood wax on the sanded area. Wood wax is available in any hardware and department stores. A wood finish is also an alternative.

Using a wood finish.

You can always consult a local hardware dealer the best option for floor finishing solutions.

Clean the area with a dry soft cloth (microfiber is preferred). Paint the area carefully. If you don’t know how to do it properly hire a professional do the job for you. If the cost of applying finish cost too much better do the above steps.

Fixing Deep Scratches

Clean the area with a mop or duster. It is important that the area is clean and without dirt, dust and any debris. Apply a small amount of wood floor cleaner on the damaged area to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse away the hardwood cleaner with a dry cloth. Make sure that the whole area is clean and free from any dirt.

If the wood if finish then applying a mineral spirit over the coated area is necessary. The layer must be removed. If the floor is all natural, then there is no problem. Just proceed to the next step.

Fill in the scratch with hardwood filler that is the same color of the floor. Let it dry for a day. Remove excess filler by dragging a putty knife over the surface of the area coated with filler. Sand excess filler and d ry mop or dust away the area.