Asbestos has been in construction for many years. It is durable, incl. and a chemical attack, and creates very good isolation. However, it has a toxic effect on the body, although it is in the composition of a number of building materials, especially those created in the past. You can not live for years with him if you have such tiles or ceiling mounted. However, this should not bother you until you have to replace them with new ones or if a tile cracks or breaks. Only then is a substance released into the air that damages the person who breathes it. It is subsequently a prerequisite for creating serious health problems.


What makes the asbestos flooring dangerous?

In the asbestos flooring, a lot of damage is found that can pose serious health risks. The most endangered are construction workers who breathe dust particles of different materials every day. Asbestos is a toxic mineral that is released as a powder. This happens in case of damage and deterioration of the type of tiles. The destruction of old floors or the cracking of single tiles, such as drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing, etc. are the factors that contribute to inhaling asbestos. Despite the damage, it has a fibrous property, which helps the strength and heat resistance of the flooring. This is the main reason for the popular but threatening supplement.

The worst thing is that inhaling asbestos fibers, which are microscopic, can stay forever in your body. It does not have a feature to solve it. Much of the fiber will fall into the lining of the nose and throat. There, the probability of being removed is very large, but it can also pass into the lungs or the digestive tract if swallowed. Asbestos may not cause instant genetic changes or other diseases, but in the future it is likely to cause some deaths from asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma and others. It is assumed that flooring before 1980 contained asbestos. Today, you can only hope that you do not come across such harmful particles, because the study of the material can be done in a laboratory or other professional way.

Effect of asbestos on health

Asbestos fibers are difficult to destroy, especially if they fall into the lungs. They cause huge problems for the body and can cause the following diseases in time:

Lung cancer – asbestos causes one of the most deadly diseases – lung cancer

Keep in mind that smokers are more susceptible to the disease – it has been found that in combination with another carcinogen, such as cigarette smoke, there are higher risks for the development of lung cancer. People are rarely affected by the general population, mainly those directly affected by dust particles of asbestos.

Such are the workers involved in the extraction, processing, milling and final production of asbestos-containing products. Indications for the disease are coughing, voice hoarseness, anemia, weight loss, change of normal breathing, shortness of breath and more.

Asbestosis – also known as “pulmonary fibrosis”

It is caused by inhalation of asbestos dust particles separated from materials with which you have direct contact. Initially, you will not feel their influence, but you will experience symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, chronic cough, breathing sensation in the lungs, difficulty in doing certain activities. Sick patients will not pass the disease to another family member, but the end is almost always terrible – it leads to disability or death. Lack of treatment for asbestosis causes heart failure and hypertension


Mesothelioma – the concentration of asbestos or continuous exposure to an environment where there is serious dustiness with miniature asbestos particles can cause serious problems to the organs of the human body. Mesothelioma is considered a rare form of cancer that occurs in the thin membrane of the abdomen, chest, lungs, and rarely in the heart. The disease is named in this way because the mesothelial mucosa is destroyed, and it is the tissue that has a protective function around the various organs of the body. The most endangered and proven cases of this terrible illness are miners, builders, textile workers and those involved in the production of gas masks.


Additional asbestos threats

The most terrible thing about asbestos is that you do not even know about asbestos and how to protect yourself from it. You have to be careful, especially if you are looking for a new job. As you have seen, some professions are under great threat to human health and lead to a fatal outcome. Harmful particles have an extra threat because they are difficult to detect, difficult to prevent in some cases and are capable of polluting the air you breathe for a very long period:

The presence of asbestos is difficult to recognize


If you think you are at risk of being exposed to asbestos in your home, you should examine the composition of your tiles. The likelihood of being there is greatest. Keep in mind that asbestos particles are not released without cracked or removed tiles, but it is understandable that you are not completely calm. No one would feel comfortable if his home has such a serious threat to his health. The unpleasant thing is that you can not detect the presence or absence of asbestos yourself. There is a need for laboratory tests or an expert who can confirm you by other methods.


The presence of tiles with asbestos content is very difficult to remove in a safe way – it is advisable to keep the entire family as far as possible if replacing asbestos floor. Do not try to do the repair yourself, but hire a professional in the field – it will do so much safer and faster. The likelihood of breaking a tile is very large, and that’s when the biggest threat lies in inhaling asbestos particles. In addition to the tiles, adhesives can also have a similar content, and they are used in the cladding process

Asbestos is eliminated very slowly from the air


If broken tiles containing indoor asbestos, you should take immediate action. Such pollution is not mild and may be present for a long period of time. Long ventilation is a must. It is good to be aware of the fact that the vacuum with a vacuum cleaner increases the threat of airborne asbestos particles. It is recommended that the flooring be wetter more frequently when cleaning.