Accidents happen on the floor… and the usual suspect is a drippy nail polish. Here are some tips on how to remove nail polish from hardwood floors.

While wet, immediately wipe the floor with a soft cloth, tissue or cotton swab to soak up the excess nail polishmaking small swipes as necessary to bring it up. Aim for light pressure. Rubbing the stain too aggressively may damage the wood.

remove nail polish from hardwood floorsIf the stain is completely dry on the hardwood flooring, try scraping it up with a plastic knife of some sort but try to only scratch the surface. It should come off but if it’s still there soak it with a warm, wet cloth. Let it sit gently on the spill and that’ll loosen it up.

A denatured alcohol is always the best solution to remove nail polish from hardwood floors. Apply denatured alcohol to a cloth, and gently rub the spill until it comes off. Denatured alcohol is used to remove paint from woodwork treated with polyurethane. Although denatured alcohol is gentler than mineral spirits, which removes all paints and stains. Be careful not to rub too hard or too long, as denatured alcohol will take up paint from the surface.

Use a clean soft cloth dampened with denatured alcohol evenly and gently. Just make it sure to use light pressure along the grain of the woodA common steel wool may also be used that doesn’t require any chemicals. If you have some 0000-grade steel wool lying around, you may be able to gently buff out the stain without the use of chemicals. Again, gentle pressure is key to remove nail polish from hardwood floors away. Make sure to go with the grain too

You can also use a stain marker to remove a hasty, stubborn paint. If you do happen to be overzealous, spot treat the bare wood with a wood touch-up product; stain markers are available at any hardware or big box store.

Call a professional if the spot is too big. It’s better to spend a little money than to spend a lot for the big damage that may result from carelessness.

Do not use a nail polish remover

nail polish removerIt can damage the wood’s finish along with the unwanted paint. Nail polish remover might be used on tile but never, repeat never, on wood. It can harm the wood and change its color, and this is irreversible.

If  you accidentally spill your nail polish or drop a droplet on a wooden surface, no matter if it’s a table, floor or chair, we suggest you remove it immediately using a tissue or a piece of soft cloth. Do not let it dry on the surface because you will have a way heavier task to deal with.

Aerosol hair product is a great way to conclude this process by ensuring no tiny, hard-to-see spots remain. Spray the area with your hairspray. Wipe it up with a wet cloth and then scrub it with hot, soapy water. Repeat the process until you remove the nail polish from your hardwoord floors, and on your last go-around. Then clean the area completely with a natural oil soap to ensure hairspray isn’t left behind.

Keep your floors clean, maintained and stain-free, and you’ll know how to remove nail polish stains each time you’re touching up your fingers and toes. Remember to use a safe, natural cleaner for your regular cleanings to prevent buildups of harsh chemicals or other leftover products. When stains are too much for these remedies, or if you question your ability to handle buckling or warping, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Materials you can use to remove nail polish from hardwood floors:

  • Soft cloth (usually felt cloth)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Steel wool