Hardwood floors are very common in most homes and they offer many benefits regards to maintenance and style. A properly clean and shiny hardwood floor adds warmth and elegance to a room. Despite the vast numbers of commercial cleaners, a lot of them contains chemicals that may do more harm than good to your home and family’s health.

Most nontoxic cleaners remove grimes and dirt and conditions the wood to retain its sheen. Plain water though may look like the safest choice will damage the hardwood floor surface since wood (and most finish) will absorb moisture and eventually swell. It won’t even clean it well and make it shiny. Sweep or dust mop your hardwood flooring daily, especially in most traffic areas like entrances and other areas with so much activities of people and pets. Frequent sweeping removes surface dirt and minimizes or prevents the use chemical cleaners.

Here are some tips to make your floor cleaner and shinier:

hardwood floor shiningRegular cleaning

Regularly sweep and mop the hardwood flooring with dry soft mop or microfibers. Frequently do this in heavily traffic areas like doorways and living rooms. This will prevent from dirt and debris from building up that will cause more damage in the future.

Apply Hardwood Floor Polish

  1. Apply floor polish after dusting/mopping. Vacuum cleaning is also recommended but not necessary.
  2. Apply floor polish that is made from natural ingredients. It is suggested to apply floor polish right after dusting or mopping since dirt, dust, and grimes will build up with any liquid solution.

Steps in hardwood floor polishing

  1. Apply floor polish with a soft microfiber cloth in small sections of the floor. Make it sure that you smooth out along the grain not against the grain to prevent from filling up.
  2. Use feathering technique to evenly apply floor polish. Also, polish from section per section.
  3. To make an even shinier floor, you may use an electric floor polisher but doing it manually using a dry clean mop will also do the job.

Choose the right cleaning materials.

A soft mop (or microfibers) is always the best choice since it won’t be abrasive enough to damage any surface.

dust mop for hardwood flooringThings for cleaning

  • Dust mop
  • Cloth mop
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Floor polish

Is there a need for a cleaning company?

By being clean and diligent won’t cause you to spend money to hire cleaning company. Another option is to schedule floor care maintenance for every few years.

How to Protect the Surface of Hardwood Floors

  1. Vacuum regularly and keep it clean using dust sweepers and dry mops.
  2. Wipe up spills immediately so the wood won’t absorb moisture that will eventually wrinkle and damage the floor.
  3. Stop dirt at any entrances by placing door mats and telling people to remove their shoes.
  4. Put felt pads at the bottom of chairs, tables and any heavy furniture to avoid scratches.
  5. Regularly clip pet nails.
  6. Brighten the old dull surface of a surface with a light sanding and fresh coat of polyethene. Never use water!