Why Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floor is the gold standard in flooring for a reason. It has a classic look and will last a lifetime if well-maintained. They are more affordable than many realize, which makes them one of the most popular types of floor installed in homes today. They add warmth and depth to any living space and they are relatively easy to clean and maintain as long as they receive the attention they need.

One of the primary maintenance issues with wood floors is bare wood exposure, which can lead to rot and decay. For maintenance, one may spend between $1,073 and $2,360 on floor refinishing costs, but actually the cost depends on whether the maintenance is for refinish or recoat the floor and ensures that floors are properly protected from damage and decay.

Do You Really Need To Refinish Your Wood Floor?


floor refinishing costsBefore getting bids, one should determine whether they need to refinish or recoat. You may seek professional advice to assess the real status of the floor. Note that determining the difference between the two processes is important, even though the two methods appear to be similar.

We often heard this, that Prevention is better that cure, it sounds kind a cliché but it is true and applicable in flooring maintenance.  Proper care is the key to a long and healthy floor life. But even to a well-maintained floor – damages, scars and stains are uncontrollable.

That is why, Northside Floors offers an array of services one of which is floor refinishing. As mentioned, wood floor is one of most striking features of any room, that is why treating them regularly will keep the shining and looking like new all year long. This will help protect your floors, last for years and avoid spending big amount of money for repair and change.

Why Choose Northside Floors To Refinish Your Flooring?

For the past 36 years in flooring industry, Northside Floors always assure great service and quality product from hardwood, tile, laminate flooring, vinyl and carpet. We are always into our customer satisfaction.

Aside from the years of experience in this type of business, Northside floors continuously look for new technology and innovation to cater all customers need. Northside floors always make it a point that projects are handled professionally, with integrity and quality workmanship.

Also, all our members are professionally trained and of good moral standings. Aside from our people, we proudly share that our services are incomparable. We do offer payment policy of 50% upon signing of contract and remaining 50% upon satisfactory completion of the job. Northside floors also offer a year of warranty on hardwood flooring material purchased and installed. Northside Floors can work with you no matter what your budget may be. We can provide, suggest and design a solution that is applicable to your current setup and suits to your budget.