Hard wood is a material that has been used for flooring in people’s homes for many years. Today it is considered to be a global gold standard among floorings. Although it was natural, because there was no variation, then the installation of a hardwood floor is one of the most expensive options. The possibilities for quality and spectacular flooring vary greatly from one class to another.


Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the methods of making boards because demand and competition are increasing so much every year. The latest trends in the field are handmade hardwood flooring.

Main advantages of hardwood flooring


They do not go out of fashion


The wide popularity they have gained does not go away. Solid wood flooring always looks stylish and modern, prompting most people to make that choice. Larger investment in laminate, carpet or other types of ware is worth it. Maybe after a while it will have to be slightly refreshed but not replaced, which is a much greater effort.


They have a natural look


Among other advantages, the appearance can not be missed. Not only do they look visually well, but also fit into every style. They are available in so many varieties that it is excluded that you do not find something suitable for you. Natural tones and textures will undoubtedly improve your home or office environment.


Hardwood flooring is durable


Perhaps there is no healthier material that would be a great solution for places that are habitable throughout the day by many. Certainly, human trafficking is not capable of harming the surface. One of the strongest wood is oak and cherry. Bet on them and surely for a long time you will not think of a new floor. You will find out how durable these types of flooring are, even if you look at them skeptically at the moment.


Do not require large maintenance


This is one of the key advantages of hardwood flooring. Still, no one wants to spend hours scrubbing. Especially if it concerns the floor, which requires a greater effort. Well, if you spill something, you will have to clean it immediately, but the liquid will not hurt or discolour the surface. Normal cleaning with a vacuum cleaner required for periodic hygiene is required. It is only important to put pads or a carpet under the feet of the furniture at the very beginning.


Good investment


If you accept your entire home as a good investment, the flooring is part of it. It is known that wood prices are much higher, but the installation is one-time and you forget many years later. It’s definitely profitable wherever you look. On the one hand, if you inhabit the room, and on the other hand if you sell. Both cases, you earn. Try temporarily to “ignore” other costs at the expense of a better quality floor.


It has anti-allergenic action and contributes to the environment


Hardwood has the ability to repel “the main culprits” for allergies, namely dust particles and what the pet can cause you. Floor coverings are strongly recommended if someone in the family is an asthmatic. Much of the wood is a renewable resource that is environmentally friendly. However, to be convinced of this, you need to get a certificate from the vendor. Otherwise, it is possible to buy something that is actually not so green.


4 great companies manufacturing solid wood flooring


Lumber Liquidators


Although the brand has a bad reputation over a period over the years, it is undoubtedly the number one in the list for the lowest prices of hardwood flooring. Some of their best products are from the Bellawood and Casa De Color series. They are quality designed flooring, available in a variety of colors and sizes. Customers have long questioned before making this choice, but reviews show that affordable is not a sure criterion for poor quality. The brand makes the flooring durable, which returns many people who recommend it to others. Lumber Liquidators, definitely, is the best solution when installing a floor where the area is significant. If you look long enough, you can get a wooden floor for your entire house, almost for nothing. Of course, this has its drawbacks, but the ultimate goal is more important. Your inconveniences will be related to the fact that the stores are very small and you will not get help moving the material to your car. You will have to load all the packs yourself, so take a friend or a close friend.




The firm wood floors of the brand are a great choice for home, villa or office. There are many options that will suit every preference. The best thing is that the company offers free delivery as well as free samples that you can order. This is an advantage over Lumber Liquidators, but there is something worrying.


They do not have a physically separate store to look at all the pavements on site. The option is to trust what looks most appealing to you and make an online order. Another question arises because a minimum order is needed. You have to judge well whether it will be appropriate to place the order according to the area for which you need the flooring. If you have larger spaces at all, there is nothing to wonder about, but for smaller ones – check out other brands.


Floor and Décor


Floor and Decor is a shop that has something to offer you. It is very possible to log in to find the most suitable hardwood flooring, but to have a beautiful home decoration. The company has a large floor area that has many floor options, but it is unfortunate that there is no guarantee of quality and origin. This is due to the fact that Floor and Décor works with not so famous manufacturers. This is what creates the main negativism against them. You may have met some unsatisfying reviews. Though, the positive rating on Google, which stands at 85%, is not too small. Perhaps it matters that it has a huge variety of wood, including Brazilian Cherry and Hickory, and prices are medium-class – from $ 3-6 per square foot. However, everyone has their own criteria, so Floor and Decor is almost certain to be able to give you what you need for your home or office.


Hearne hardwoods


The brand is gaining popularity because of the high quality it offers. Launched from Pennsylvania, but mainly the materials are recruited from South America as well as other wood-producing regions. He began to specialize in the production of hardwood flooring many years ago, and today he stores more than 140 types of wood. Some of them are traditional and familiar to many, but others are known for their charm and individuality. Some of them are probably what you hear for the first time – ash and chestnut, bubinga, monkeypod, tulipwood, shedua and paduak. Thanks to the high performance of the brand, you can bring exotics, coziness and warmth to your home. You have to be prepared that prices are not very affordable, but you will get value. It is guaranteed that the boards are made of solid materials and meet the highest dimensions.