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vinyl-flooring-300x363In high traffic areas of your home or business, you need a flooring solution designed to last. A vinyl flooring installation from Northside Floors is the perfect solution for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere that water or messy spills could be a problem. When you call Northside Floors for a vinyl installation, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a floor that is:


Vinyl flooring isn’t just found in kitchens anymore. Today, a multitude of options exists that allows you to match your new floor with virtually any design or decor, making it a quick, convenient and enjoyable solution for any situation.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl represents some of the latest developments in flooring materials and technology. Not only is it easy to clean, but once it’s installed, it generally can be removed or maintained by someone with virtually no experience.


One of the most unique qualities of vinyl is its durability. It’s designed to withstand multiple spills, heavy furniture, and unrelenting foot traffic for a long period of time. When Northside installs vinyl floors in your home, you’ll be investing in years of satisfaction and dependability.


Vinyl’s lightweight and dependable features make it an affordable solution for any home in need of quality flooring. Due to its many features, it typically doesn’t need to be serviced or replaced very often, meaning you’ll save even more money on maintenance costs that other materials would typically incur.

Why Choose Northside Floors?

  • Your project will be handled professionally, expertly and with integrity.
  • Artisan Quality workmanship
  • All of our team members are background checked and certified safe.
  • Northside has a Quality Control Inspector, who follows-up on every job
  • One-year warranty on all hardwood flooring materials
  • Our contractors operate under the strictest guidelines in regards to safety and care of your home.

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