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walnut-northside-300x210One of the most attractively hard and durable hardwood materials on the market today is walnut. It’s popular especially in North American due to its ability to withstand temperature changes and its many advantages over wall to wall carpeting.

Northside Flooring’s walnut flooring installation services are designed to get the most out of this versatile material. When you opt for walnut floors from Northside, you’ll enjoy the benefit of the wood’s:

Maintenance – Unlike other materials such as cherry or oak, walnut actually requires very little sealing or waxing to keep it looking great. Instead, it can be polished with light oil and maintained like any other smooth surface, through regular cleaning.

Elegance – Walnut is perhaps best known for its shades of brown, chocolate-like colors which can serve to either match dark furniture, or compliment light colors. The unique patterns in the grain also work with the changes in tone throughout to provide a truly unique aesthetic.

Strength – Walnut is a very dense, durable wood that makes a great choice for living spaces and high traffic areas alike. The processes used to manufacture it combined with its own natural features result in a wood that can withstand temperature extremes, humidity and dryness alike, making it ideal for any type of location.

Variety – Walnut has more varieties than most other types of wood. This results in a wide range of colors and patterns that you can use to customize your flooring space. When coupled with the treating process, you can end up with any color from a light beige to a dark purple-brown, resulting in a floor exactly to your liking.

Why Choose Northside Floors?

  • Your project will be handled professionally, expertly and with integrity.
  • Artisan Quality workmanship
  • All of our team members are background checked and certified safe.
  • Northside has a Quality Control Inspector, who follows-up on every job
  • One-year warranty on all hardwood flooring materials
  • Our contractors operate under the strictest guidelines in regards to safety and care of your home.

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