Installing a brand new floor or the need to replace the old one is a complex project that needs to be considered. He, along with the walls and ceiling, are the foundations of a room. If they are not made and selected properly, no furniture can overshadow the havoc. It is normal for your choice to be the price, but there is a huge variety of all types of surfaces that can be profitable.

It is important to judge the room where you have decided to put a new floor – whether it is damp, whether it penetrates sunlight, is the traffic high, the style you are aiming for and others. Then the solution is in your hands – solid wood, designed wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate and others.

Which is the best type of flooring?

The term “best floor” is relative because every taste and preference is different. Of course, the final amount for the whole investment, too. The market today offers a wide range of species, and it would be difficult for any individual to make a final decision. Make sure that the natural flooring is almost perfect, but the cheaper versions very well imitate real wood, stone and others, are also famous for their high durability.

Below are the most sought-after floorings, which you should study according to your personal needs. Take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages to make a more accurate assessment.

The main aspects that interest each buyer in selecting a new floor can be said to be:

  • Final cost of the base material – hardwood, cork, vinyl, laminate, carpet and other
  • Final cost of additional materials and installation tools if you do it yourself – cutting machine, pad and other
  • Vision
  • Resistance to moisture and abrupt changes in temperatures
  • Endurance at high traffic
  • Scratch Protection
  • Opportunity for easier maintenance
  • Opportunity for subsequent repairs

Each material is different in composition and characteristics. The fact that some look good is not the most important thing. For example, you would put the natural wood floor in great danger if you put it in the kitchen. It does not tolerate moisture and will be easily damaged by direct contact with water.

On the other hand, the laminate is resistant to similar conditions and is much lower. As you can see, sometimes it is even better to bet on a cheaper option for some rooms in your home.

Make sure that the floor you are going to put will save you ongoing repairs at least in the coming years. Better quality and flexibility to meet your current needs and budget. The assessment is now crucial for future results. Keep in mind that your decision is important because such floors are not made every day. You will probably observe for years the style and aesthetics you have staked up.

The best types of flooring

Solid wood flooring


  • Advantages – the vision that gives the tree remains unmatched. It was born many years ago, but remains the top flooring offer even today. Of course, there are other positive features, which are to provide natural heat due to the massive material, have a high durability of wear – almost lifetime, allows grinding and repainting several times. The positive thing is that you get a guarantee directly from the factory where the boards are made
  • Disadvantages – the main disadvantages of solid wood are the high price and low resistance to moisture. Keep in mind, however, that unfinished wood is cheaper than pre-finished. The tree has the ability to collapse and expand upon sudden temperature changes, as well as easy to break. Certain wood surfaces can be worn very quickly under the influence of sunlight, although they are famous for their long life – they are discolored

Designed wooden flooring


  • Advantages – has almost the same characteristics as a solid wood, but the engineer is a bit more resilient to moisture. It is due to the composition, which includes thin layers of wood attached to each other by glue. The design uses a thin veneer of real wood or bamboo, which is placed over a structured plywood.
  • Disadvantages – the engineering tree has almost the same price and can be repaired as hardwood. Most, however, can not be refined more than once or twice.



  • Advantages – the carpet gives warmth and coziness. It is very easy to install and change the appearance of a room very quickly. It varies in any colors and patterns as well as fabrics. It is best to put it in the bedroom because it does not move a lot, and you will step off the bed directly on the soft floor. On the other hand, it is ideal for a sleeping room because it isolates the extra noise
  • Disadvantages – the biggest disadvantage of carpets is their maintenance. They are more difficult to clean and unpleasant spills remain unpleasant color shades that are sometimes impossible to remove. In spite of the innovations in staining technology, the pavement remains difficult to care for. It is able to collect more dust and dirt than any other floor



  • Advantages – Laminate has the best imitation of all types of flooring. It may look just like wood or stone. On the top there is a protective colorless layer, which gives a shine and a more luxurious look, serves to protect against scratches and moisture penetration. A pad is placed under the laminate unless you buy a pattern attached to it. The pad plays a role of isolation. Reduces noise and creates room conditions to increase room temperature. Laminate is among the most resistant materials of discoloration, moisture and temperature change. There is a relatively low price
  • Disadvantages – it is not characterized by the highest quality, which may be a prerequisite for mounting problems. You may see different boards as well as defective ones. Laminate also has different grades – the lower laminate price will last about 10 years, while the more expensive – about 20-25 years. After abrasion of the top layer, grinding and repainting is not allowed

Vinyl flooring

  • Advantages – this is the cheapest investment of the proposals. However, there are a number of advantages, such as harder wear, difficult dents, sunlight is not an enemy of the pavement. The discoloration occurs with the wear of the upper layer over the years, but the sun does not harm, as with wood. Vinyl is stain resistant, easy to install and maintain. There is a wide choice of patterns and colors
  • Disadvantages – the imitation of natural materials is almost impossible, even with the best offers on the market. The products look exactly like vinyl close up. Keep in mind that among the vinyl surface range, though cheap, there are suggestions that can reach a price similar to a solid wood or laminate. These are the ones with the highest quality