Like any unknown thing you have not encountered, you are probably now wondering what kind of bet you can bet on? Patterns and designs can make it difficult for you to have a great deal of variety, but consumers tend to choose between solid wood and laminate. You may be deluded and confused at first, but once you become familiar with every important aspect, the picture will be clearer to you. The investment is important not only from a financial point of view, but also because of the whole repair you have to endure. Either way, you have made a decision, better think your actions well – consider the advantages and disadvantages.


Factors to choose between solid wood and laminate




  • Laminated parquet – has multilayer construction. It is mainly made of melamine resin and fibreboard material. It is very likely to contain formaldehyde that is harmful to health, so you need to ventilate well for a few days when it is first placed. The top layer differs in design – much of the laminate boards are very close to the natural wood
  • Solid wood – made of several layers of wood or plywood. The top is again with different pattern and color. The material is much more massive and the variety is great. The boards can be of a different kind of wood – untreated or pre-treated. While such constructions are produced, they may not find a decent substitute




  • Laminated parquet – the appearance could be very identical to wood, especially the higher class laminate. Of course, it is of much lower quality but also with a lower price. Laminated parquet is a great choice, it is among the top consumer preferences. Therefore, manufacturers offer such a wide range – looking for ways to meet every need
  • Solid wood – it is obvious that the tree can give more sophistication, but also a more rural setting. The interesting thing about solid wood is that the boards are healthier and each one can have a slight difference. Always your home will have a personality if you bet on a wooden floor. Authenticity and uniqueness will not be overlooked




  • Laminate flooring – High quality laminate can last about 20-25 years if no unexpected situations occur. For cheaper options, manufacturers give about 10 years of life. Maintenance is easy, but it does not allow painting and grinding, which creates a condition for faster wear. The appearance would be further aggravated if the laminate is placed in a room with drastic changes in temperature amplitudes and high humidity. Otherwise, it can be said that the boards are resistant to moderate moisture, staining or fading
  • Solid wood – once a good wood floor puts you to life. However, the durability depends on three main factors – the method of manufacture, quality composition and subsequent maintenance. This is the best investment in terms of style, convenience and durability. To keep the material properly, observe the manufacturer’s requirements. This is the right action to care for quality flooring. They can be repaired and sanded


Moisture resistance


  • Laminate flooring – Laminate is a cheaply cheap floor option, but it is very favorable in terms of moisture. Because of its high resistance to moisture, it is preferred by consumers for installation in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and cellars. Nevertheless, keep the manufacturer’s requirements to ensure that you do not lose the warranty or ruin your new
  • Solid wood – it is a material that can “breathe”, which means that it will cope with humidity and temperature. However, there is a requirement for the moisture level – it should be maintained around 45-55%. It is advisable to look for another type of flooring if you are looking for a solution for rooms with abrupt changes in temperature and humidity, including kitchens and bathrooms




  • Laminated parquet – the material allows for repair, but the end result is unlikely to please you. Only damaged boards can be removed and replaced with new ones, but the look of the newer ones may differ drastically from the old ones. It is normal that they have undergone a modification over the years and under the influence of sunlight. The unpleasant thing is that it is not possible for the old ones to be sanded and repaired to get a fresher look. All that has been said so far refers to the newer laminates installed on a “floating method”. Those that used glue in the past complicate the process
  • Solid wood – natural wood allows the replacement of individual damaged boards, such as grinding and repainting. You can do all this for yourself in a few hours. They can be “refreshed” and then continue to enjoy them for years. They will get the same shiny and charming color, just like in the beginning. This is one of the reasons for the higher initial price


Easy maintenance

  • Laminate flooring – all that maintenance laminate needs is a vacuum cleaner and a home steamer or lightly damp cloth. Even once or twice a week of this procedure, your home will always look clean and welcoming. No blob is a problem for the laminate because it is easy to remove. Act quickly with large spills to avoid slight swelling – soak up with a soft cloth as fast as possible
  • Solid wood – the material is not pretentious from care. You only need to clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a dry or damp cloth. If you want to be even better hygienized, use a special preparation designed for hardwood. Observe this condition as well as all the extras imposed by the manufacturers



  • Laminated parquet – almost can not be said about comparison with wood. Lamina has a much shorter life. The maximum service life could be 20 years, according to the manufacturers. Not that the floor will then collapse but the coating will be worn out and the appearance will get worse. The obscene appearance is expressed in a number of scratches that are noticeable, slight bumps, and gaps. You will probably start to hear a different noise when you step on it
  • Solid wood – the material is known as “immortal”. It can be said that it lasts a lifetime, or at least 40-80 years. It is only important to keep the manufacturers’ requirements in order to be properly maintained. The wood allows to be ground and repainted, which is positive for its durability. Of course, it is not possible to apply grinding countless times, but about 4-7 times is admissible




  • Laminated parquet – in the laminate it is difficult to talk about ecology, because its work includes various composite materials and melamine resin. Under the influence of high temperature some harmful chemicals are released, so a great ventilation is needed, especially at the beginning of the installation. Despite the standards imposed in recent years, it is known that a large amount of adhesive of suspect origin is used in the laminate. It is very likely that the materials are high in formaldehyde and others. You should be very careful when buying flooring – study to get higher quality and environmental friendliness
  • Solid wood – solid wood is 100% organic, and the designed wood is made of several layers of wood or plywood. There is no 100% guarantee, but most are organic. A large number of market producers offer the best of consumers, including human health. It is in this industry that zero emissions of VOCs are noticed, as well as glues without formaldehyde