why choose laminate flooringLaminate flooring is made of layers of pressed wood covering. The underneath layer of the laminate plank is called backing. If you have water resistant laminate, this layer prevents warping of boards caused by moisture or leaked substances. Just above this layer is called the inner core which is made from thick fiberboard boosted with a certain resin to make it more durable and moisture free.

The next layer is called the design layer where the main design of the floor can be found whether it is an image of wood, natural woods, stone or other  flooring building materials. The layer on the very top is called wear layer, which is particularly designed to prevent fading, scratching, and damage from everyday traffic.

Laminate Flooring Advantages

  • Laminate flooring is easier and faster to install than any other floor types and flooring solutions . In order to install laminate you just need to attach it piece by piece. It’s not needed to follow any specific and complicated installation instructions needed in wood flooring. Here, you can just simply glue it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. Cutting laminate flooring is considerably handy using just simple tools like utility knife or hand saw.
  • Laminate flooring is easy to clean. Simply use a mop or a regular vacuum. A laminate floor cleaner is recommended than a floor wax or any other cleaning solutions.
    Laminate flooring can be installed in moisture concentrated rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. With proper and tight installation, damage caused by moisture can be prevented easily.
  • Laminate flooring is almost impermeable with water. It is also protected well from scratches and dents. It is easy to stand on a laminate flooring even for a long period of time barefooted.
  • There are technically no defects for laminate flooring unlike with and stones. The design and appearance is uniform and consistent.
  • Due to technological advancement, homeowners especially those with tighter budgets will enjoy as much as they could to natural woods (real wood) or stone.

Laminate Flooring Disadvantages

  • There are instances that adjoining the sides would be difficult. Also, if you force the boards into place, there is much possibilities that the top wear layer would curl up making the floor unable to resist moisture.
  • Too much water spill or any substance can cause the floor to swell.
  • Though, wood laminate floor can withstand moisture well, heavy exposure to water will lead to damage unlike vinyl tiles and vinyl materials.
  • If in case the laminate flooring will be deeply scratched or damaged, there is no other way to sand the surface to fix it butt to replace the damaged one.
  • There is a tendency that laminate flooring will be slippery and will create static electricity. Cleaning regularly will prevent that from occurring.
  • The patterns or design will have the tendency to be too repetitive and may lose the authentic feel to it.
  • The resale value of laminate floor is lower compare to natural materials such as wood and stone.

laminate flooring over hardwood flooringLaminate flooring versus other flooring products and styles

Laminate vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Hardwood

There are wide arrays of choices when it comes to floor types, from design to budget therefore it wouldn’t be difficult for buyers to choose depending on their taste and financial capabilities.

For busy homes, laminate flooring would be the best option due to its durability and cost. With solid hardwood flooring, aside from its cost, special maintenance would be necessary to keep it for a long time.

Generally, laminate flooring is much cheaper than the standard hardwood flooring, but it is suggested to do a price check to compare different brands, designs and styles.

Laminate vs. Vinyl

Both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are synthetic floors that they made and manufactured to look more natural. They are both easy to clean, easy for floor installation and maintain. The only difference is that, vinyl floors withstand heavy moisture more than a laminate floor.