Laminated parquet is one of the most demanding products on the market for installation in the living room, living room, hallway, even in the kitchen, bathroom and closet. Along with the many advantages, such as low cost, good looks, easy installation and after-sales support, it also boasts durability.

However, there are factors that can very quickly pave the way for major challenges. Under the influence of heavy traffic, the presence of pets, lack of attention when moving furniture and high humidity, the flooring is susceptible to damage. Dents, scratches, yellowing, and others are beginning to appear. There are some basic and additional protections to reduce the likelihood of such damage.

3 ways to protect laminated parquet

Protection with pads and rugs

Attach protective pads to the furniture – furniture is one of the main causes of damage to the flooring. Moving them from one place to another, without lifting, creates a condition for the appearance of long lines. Experts advise attaching protection pads to their feet to avoid unpleasant scrubbing or scratches, as daily tables, chairs and stools are moving in the room and other rooms.

You have a choice of the type of material to put underneath – plastic, rebate, carpet and more. You will not find it difficult to find them because they are available in almost any store where flooring is available. The best option is to glue the protective pads with glue from the side that will be to the furniture. This allows for easy displacement, without worrying about moving the shields. You are probably aware that they wear out with time and need to be replaced

Put carpets or rugs on the laminate

Carpets in this case will play a role not only in a beautiful accessory in your room but also as a safety shield to damage your floor. Put them in strategic places such as heavy pedestrian traffic, under the feet of heavier furniture, which can cause scratching or scratching on the surface as well as in places where they can not be in contact with humidity or water.

For even more comfort when you step on them, put extra rubber pads under the carpets. Thus, even in areas with great movement, they will not slip. Keep in mind that larger mats will cost you so expensive, so you have to figure out what protection to choose

Place bedding in front of the doors

You probably noticed beautiful and interesting bedding in the homes of relatives and friends that give a different look to the entire interior. They have a dual function here – visual and protective. If, with the entry, all passers-by step directly onto the laminate, this may be a problem.

Dirt, small pebbles or grains of sand that will cause scratches may have been loosened on the shoes. Such “welcome” pads can save the floor from such damage and extend its life. Immediately after entering your home, everyone will wear their shoes. You can use this trick and other places you think is at risk. It is generally advisable not to walk with shoes inside, so you can make a personal ban on the whole family. This way the floor will be protected and will always be cleaner

Replace the plastic wheels with rubber

It may sound a little crazy and too engaging, but replacing the wheels of frequently moving furniture will save you from replacing the floor in the whole room. Chairs are the ones that move most often, though not everyone can change. Do it mostly with heavier and massive chairs, like office chairs you use for desks.

Children love to walk around the premises with them – it is like a game. Keep in mind that if you do not take precautions at the moment, this game will cost you a replacement with new flooring. Buying rubber wheels will also not make you harder – but look for soft ones


Light treatment on the floor


Lift the furniture instead of dragging it


Do not let any family member drag any furniture. Every small chair, stool or table that moves daily should be lifted. If it’s a lighter thing, do it yourself, but for sofas or other massive – ask a close friend, friend or other family member. All scratches that degrade the type of floor can occur just after carelessness in this regard


Drag the heavy furniture on the floor


If the furniture you move is very heavy – use extra equipment. You could find plastic disks with a pad that are put on one side under the furniture. This way you can slide them while you position them in the desired place without damaging your floor. Alternatively, you can now use blankets as well as soft and thick towels. Do all this with a helper to avoid injury


Maintain humidity levels in your home between 35 and 65 percent


These are the ideal limits in which the laminate will feel in a normal environment. Otherwise, expect laminated parquet to warp because of deformation – expansion or contraction. The thermostat or humidifier will help you in this situation. During too dry conditions, you can use a humidifier and, in case of excessive humidity, an air conditioner


Keep your pet nails shorter


You need to take care of the animal you are growing. Food and walk is one but its appearance is very important. Blow it regularly so that it does not spread the dirt from the outdoor walks and trim your nails precisely. You do not have to let them grow, because scratching on the ground will cause unpleasant residues on the laminate, without the possibility of back-up


Cleaning of laminated parquet


Avoid wet cleaning


Use cleaning agents specifically designed for laminate surfaces, if possible for your type. This will make you more sure that you will not hurt your floor. Wet cleaning is one of the enemies for beautiful laminated floors, because it infuses additional water. Over time, the floor deteriorates much faster. It is good when you first use a new spray to try on a more invisible part


Clean the spillages from the laminate floor as soon as they appear


Cleaning is extremely easy, and even more positive, there is no stain after it (not as the carpet). Spills, however, should be swallowed very quickly because it will protect their penetration into any cracks or joints between the boards. Use a cloth or a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface. In case you need a preparation, use proven means. If you are not available, a good alternative is the spray for windows. It should contain no ammonia, but still read the contents. Ammonia is forbidden because it can cause removal of the protective layer of the laminate


Do not use vacuum with rotating brushes


Frequent cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is very important because it reduces the likelihood of sand and pebbles rolling on the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner with a felt or brush nozzle. Before each cleaning, make sure the wheels are clean and, if not, remove the hairs, grains and collected dirt. Avoid applying a rotating brush vacuum on a laminate because it can damage your floor


Repair quickly


It is possible to install the flooring yourself, but also to repair it. We offer for sale whole sets made especially for laminated floors. They usually include wax sticks and silicone filler. This is related to current maintenance, and for more serious damage, seek a specialist in the field. Perhaps it is about replacing the damaged boards. Keep in mind that this will be possible if the laminate is not very old, otherwise it is unlikely that the same type can be found or the new boards will differ greatly from the damped ones.