Are you upgrading or are you putting in your new home? – in both cases you should consider the floor that will be installed. This is not just a cheap furniture that can be replaced in two to three months, and sometimes it is a lifetime investment. The fantastic offers on the market can make you stunned. In the end, some options are shed, but there is always some hesitation.


The factors of choice are many, but most of all, optimality is sought – something profitable with good looks and quality. Very often, users stop on laminated parquet or carpet when renovating their home – the laminate, for example, will cost them less than massive wood or stone slabs. At the same time, imitations are almost identical and give the same look to a home, villa or office.


What to choose – laminate or carpet?


Carpets and laminate can be similar in price, and not so much, but you have to answer some additional questions:


    • Where will the flooring be installed? – it is very important what the flooring will be. It’s one thing to invest in your own home, another is when it comes to a villa, a rental property or an office. Of course, in the first case, you will want the best, and in the others maybe something cheaper, which has a good aesthetic look.
    • What is your goal? – you need to identify your personal needs. Some, in choosing new flooring, have aspirations to create more comfort and coziness, others are mostly influenced by easier cleaning, others looking for higher profitability, hygiene, and more.
    • Laminated floor is considered a hypoallergenic and hygienic variant to the carpet but creates a colder atmosphere. On the other hand, the carpet will contribute to more heat but requires a higher level of maintenance because dirt and dust are deposited quickly.


  • Moisture is a prerequisite for the formation of mold and mold on the carpet backing


  • What is the traffic in the room? – you probably think that the soft flooring can not have that appealing look for a long time, as it did at first, if installed in an office. Continuous stepping on it is a prerequisite for disturbing aesthetics. In this case, the care of the laminate could be easier.


Factors to choose between laminate and carpet?

Appearance and composition

Laminated parquet


It is mostly made in several layers of wood particles. The composition is designed to ensure a higher durability. Variations are possible, which resemble very well the more expensive natural flooring – stone and wood.


Laminate has one major disadvantage – noise is produced when walking, especially if it is with slippers or shoes. Usually, you can not make mistakes when choosing a color or design, as all models look very natural.



It is made up of a mattress over which different types of fabrics rise. One carpet can be very chic, stylish, extravagant or simply more cozy. Trends show ever-changing patterns that provide softness and are stain resistant. The range of colors is enormous as well as design. One of the best solutions to this day remains the natural wave, although it has the lowest sales. It is due to the high price that few can afford.


Nylon is one of the most durable synthetic materials and is used very often for carpeting. Carpets create a warmth for the winter period and soundproof. You need to be more careful about choosing them in terms of design and colors – consider fitting in the rest of the room where you will put it



  • Laminate flooring – resistant to scratches and spills. Its cleaning is very easy – only a slight wiping is required. A high quality laminate can last up to 25-30 years depending on the environment
  • Carpet – no matter how well a carpet is maintained, it is necessary to replace it for 5-10 years. It may be a cheaper option for a high-quality laminate but it does not last so long. More modern soft flooring is more resistant to dirt and spills, but it is still relatively – trafficking is extremely important


Way of insertion


  • Laminated parquet – the material allows to be mounted on many types of surfaces – concrete, wood and others. It is impossible for an existing large rug to be removed – it must first be removed. Many deal with the laying and fixing of the laminate alone – only some tools are needed
  • Carpet – the carpet is placed on the floor, which has to be cut according to the size of the room. Then it should be attached with glue or some other way. For better results and good looks, professional intervention is required. The carpet that will cover the whole room will not be cheap, so do not make experiments


Maintenance and replacement


  • Laminated parquet – the material is kept extremely easy, although it does not allow repainting and grinding. Any spot that has occurred, whatever it is, as well as a spill, is removed with a clean cloth for a negative time. The dust that accumulates is less than the carpet – it is also easily removed
  • Carpet – In case of unintended spots it must react quickly and at the moment. The possibility of damaging the soft surface is very large, especially if it is more pronounced spills – wine, coffee, fat and more. It is recommended to apply vacuum twice a week (depending on traffic) or more often. Deep cleaning should be done within a maximum of 12-18 months




  • Laminated parquet – you can find an option for a lower amount as well as for a higher. Laminate is considered to be the cheaper choice than the carpet. Keep in mind that if they offer you a great deal, the quality can be under any criticism. Do not bet on the cheapest or at least look better before buying. Compare the warranty – it can give you some more insight into efficiency
  • Carpet – Carpets are more expensive and require more precise treatment. It can be said that it is a great challenge to get a whole room with a woolen carpet and keep it up afterwards. Wool is a natural material that has the best properties but will have a solid amount. You also need to prepare an annual cost for deep cleaning




  • Laminate parquet – it is very possible that laminate parquet contains formaldehyde. It is generally made from melamine resin, which includes a compound with such content.
  • Check the composition well, especially on lower-priced floors. On the other hand, the laminate can be recycled – up to 80% of the materials are used
  • Carpet – carpets are made from non-renewable resources, but the composition is less unhealthy. It is good to ventilate often and is mandatory after laying on the floor – minimum three days. Keep in mind that vacuuming a new rug with a HEPA vac filter and using hot water cleaners can help eliminate VOCs. Explore the options for more environmentally friendly carpets – they aim to reduce and completely eliminate emissions and chemicals