With the appearance of the laminate as a flooring option, admirations are not particularly good. However, this is a plastic substitute for the otherwise preferred natural wood floor. Over time, however, flooring manufacturers are working hard and are starting to produce a growing variety of colors and thickness, which gives a good boost to laminate flooring sales. In addition, there is no way to make it clear that it has an extremely easy click-lock and locking mechanism.

Thanks to this, a large number of people could handle the new floor themselves. So if you intend to replace the old flooring or just build everything in your home, laminate flooring is a good option for lower cost and good looks.

Top producers of laminate flooring


Mohawk is a company with proven quality, efficiency and aesthetics. They can be said to be one of the leading manufacturers of laminated parquet. They are distinguished by other manufacturers in that they use at least 50% recyclable material. This means that you can live even more environmentally friendly if you choose to install a floor of this company.

Of course, everyone would like a similar flooring. What could hinder you is the high price. The investment will pay you back in the future because the materials are durable. You are only required to keep and maintain the floor properly.

Definitely, it sounds encouraging, but it is no better than the idea that you have created an eco environment in your home. If you have the opportunity to afford such costs, do not hesitate for an instant.


If you start with a good laminate research, you will immediately learn about Armstrong. This, of course, is not in vain, because the name is achieved with a lot of effort on the part of the producers. Today the diversity is too great and borders on both extremes. It is important for the company to meet all the requirements of the users. Therefore, you may encounter a model that gives you an antique look at your home, or something very different.

The brand offers more than 130 types of laminate and also includes its subsidiary Bruce – over 200. It can offer you a complete flooring kit – a patented locking system and all the additional elements in the same color. This way, your project will look completely finished.

The only thing that could stop you from trusting Armstrong is the higher prices. They are uncompromising because you get high quality. Prepare to pay from $ 6.50 to $ 8.00 per square foot for a first-class hand-scraped 12mm laminate. The positive thing is that there is a huge choice because the brand is known for one of the largest selections in this area.


pergoThe production of Pergo laminated flooring dates back a long time. They are definitely famous for having the longest presence on the market, making them highly recognizable. Their beginnings date back to 1977 when the Swedish company Perstorp began to think about creating the concept with success.

Over the years, they have been improving and specializing more and more. They are very good at making artistic designs and imitations of certain natural pavements. The experience and professionalism they have built over the years gives them the opportunity to offer their products at higher prices.

However, a large number of clients are willing to make such an investment because they know they will get practical, quality and good aesthetic appearance. Like its rival Armstrong, it offers everything you need to install the entire project.